Dust Bites Home Cleaning tips to a more organized life.

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In most people’s daily lives they become overwhelmed. One of the areas where it starts is in your home. I remember I was taught growing up, when your house is clean your mind is clean. This happens to be very true. When you live in clutter and your home is dusty and your kitchen is filled with grease, etc., you tend to become overwhelmed with things in your daily life. When everything is organized and clean you can think clearly and it just seems that much easier to organize things in your life.

It’s very simple to stay organized however it can be a handful to keep your place clean because we all have a hectic schedule, but staying organized is half the battle won.

When you’ve used something, it’s as simple as returning it to it’s rightful place. Example, if you take a book out of the bookshelf, put it back where you found it. It takes 5 seconds. Another example, when you used a glass to drink water, rinse, clean and put it away. It’s as simple as 15 seconds.

Don’t let clutter get the best of you, put those flyers and old read newspapers in the recycling. It takes very little effort, and believe me, it makes a difference not having 2 months worth of newspapers piling up and laying around.

If you spill on the countertop, do a quick wipe down with a damp lightly soaped cloth.

These are but only a few simple solutions to keeping things tidy and organized. For the rest, Dust Bites Home Cleaning does offer top quality home cleaning service in Vancouver and most of the lower mainland from Burnaby all the way to Port Coquitlam.


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