INSURANCE: Is your company bonded and insured?

Our company has WCB Insurance, Property Insurance and Liability Insurance. All insurance is included in our prices.

SENIORS: Do you take special care of seniors and the impaired?

As with all our customers we treat our seniors and the impaired with the highest respect.

SUPPLIES: Do you supply your own Chemicals and Equipment?

Dust Bites Home Cleaning supplies all Chemicals and Equipment. It’s included in our price.

CUSTOMER’S EQUIPMENT: Can your ladies use our Equipment or our built-in vacuum cleaner instead of your vacuum cleaner?

If you have standard household Equipment or a standard build-in vacuum cleaner you are welcome to ask our ladies to make use of it.

CHEMICALS: What kind of Chemicals do you use?

We use environmentally friendly Products.

MY CHEMICALS: Can your ladies use my special chemicals?

Some customers have special products for floors and counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Our ladies will use it upon your request.

ALLERGIES: What do you do if we have allergy concerns to any chemicals?

We make notes on the work order or on the invoice so that our cleaners will know that they should not use the chemicals that affect you, your family or your pets.

TRANSPORTATION: Do you charge separately for transportation and driving time?

It’s included in the price.

ANY HIDDEN COST: Do you have any charges above your hourly rate?

No, only tax.