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Jamaican religious way of living in america is Obeah, Jamaican Revivalism otherwise Pukumina, and you will Rastafari

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Jamaican religious way of living in america is Obeah, Jamaican Revivalism otherwise Pukumina, and you will Rastafari

An excellent Jamaican Revivalist heritage named Pukumina-more arranged than simply Obeah within the belief and exercise, which have several places of worship and congregations-are experienced for the majority biggest You

Obeah was a system of organic and you may spiritual technology to treat illness and offer coverage. The Pukumina community is far more structured compared to the Obeah culture, and its rituals display some services that have Haitian Vodou. Rastafari, understood from inside the You.S. and their reggae songs as well as feature hair style out of locs, interprets Africans and you can African Us americans since successors so you can Biblical prophets.

More 750,one hundred thousand African enslaved African everyone was artificially delivered to Jamaica out of the fresh new Bight out of Biafra, the region off establish-time Ghana, and you can west central Africa. While it began with the fresh new late 18th 100 years, Jamaica watched this new introduction away from some African and you can African-influenced spiritual way of living. The 3 significant way of living that following achieved the usa was called Obeah, Jamaican Revivalism or Pukumina, and you will Rastafari

Obeah are a variety of organic and religious tech mainly used to cure circumstances. Some scientists characteristic the new sources of Obeah to your Ashanti some one of what is today Ghana as well as their habit of obayifo. In Jamaica, these strategies was indeed a legendary part of servant resistance and revolt. In the united states today, Obeah practitioners, commonly referred to as “readers” and labeled as competent herbalists, is found mainly into the data recovery from real, spiritual, and mental problems, as well as protection from malevolent spiritual forces.

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